The Price of Silence

Sep 23, 2020 | Publications

This is where DI Jeff Lincoln’s story starts. Although it was published in 2019, after The Shame of Innocence, it’s the first Jeff Lincoln murder mystery.

The Price of Silence sees Lincoln investigating the apparently random murder of Holly Macleod who ran an employment agency in Barbury and was a popular charity fundraiser. She was found dead in a public toilet on the edge of the town, beside a busy main road. Who would want to kill her? But when they start to look into her background, Lincoln and his team find more questions than answers.

The Price of Silence also introduces Trish Whittington, a librarian and single mum who takes matters into her own hands – with unexpected consequences. Sometimes the people you think you know can surprise you – or shock you.

This investigation eventually takes Lincoln back to North London, where he must confront the past.

The Price of Silence is available in paperback from The History Bookshop, Fisherton Mill, Salisbury, or from Amazon