Crime Author

About Nikki

Nikki Copleston is the author of the DI Jeff Lincoln crime novels, contemporary police procedurals set in Wiltshire. She writes short stories and flash fiction, winning the Wells Literary Festival short story competition in 2019 and the Frome Festival short story competition in 2022.

“I’ve always loved writing, making up stories even when I was a child. My very first novel was inspired by my mother’s memories of the house where she grew up. I sent the typescript to a publisher, but, unsurprisingly, they rejected it — though very politely.

“After leaving school, I qualified as a librarian and worked in London for a number of years. I kept on writing, though, and was thrilled when an agent expressed interest. Although nothing came of that, I realised I should aim for a particular genre — and what did I most enjoy reading? Crime novels, especially police procedurals.

“I finished the first version of “The Price of Silence” in 1990, but it took nearly thirty years and a major rewrite before I was happy to publish it – by which time I’d already written two sequels, “A Saintly Grave Disturbed” and “The Shame of Innocence”. I’m so glad I rewrote it, though. If I hadn’t, it would have remained my guilty secret!  The fourth DI Jeff Lincoln title, “The Promise of Salvation”, was published in 2021, and book five, “A Strange and Murderous Air”, in November 2023.