My first sale!!

Nov 9, 2016 | Blog

Well, if you’ve been selling books for a while, you’ve probably forgotten the thrill of handing over the first copy to a paying customer.  However, when I signed a copy of ‘The Shame of Innocence’ yesterday for my friend Melina Robinson, the Crazy Bolivian Lady (as she calls herself) it felt like a milestone moment.

Melina’s been hosting a writing group at her house in Frome for the last couple of years, even when life has been tough on her and her family.  I do hope she enjoys ‘The Shame of Innocence’.  I’ve certainly enjoyed evenings at her house, with plenty of coffee, lots of food and the good company of fellow Frome writers, John Walton and Pete Corbett.  (Not forgetting Kath Page, until she fled to Orkney!)  We’re so lucky to be able to support each other – and not only when our writing runs into difficulties.

Thank you for everything!