When’s the new book out? What’s it about

Aug 2, 2023 | Blog

The new one, the fifth book featuring DI Jeff Lincoln, is called A Strange and Murderous Air and should be out this November. What’s it about? Secrets and revenge. UFOs and a drunken wedding night.

Secrets? The secrets we keep for decades, and those official secrets that the government keeps to itself – until someone blows the whistle.

Revenge? A dish best served cold. How long do you wait to take your revenge on someone? A day? A week? One year – or fifty?

The reader is often one step ahead of Lincoln as he investigates the shooting of retired civil servant Ramsay Keiller. Surely, the disappearance of piano teacher Jill Fortune can’t be connected, can it?

Can it?

A Strange and Murderous Air, like the rest of the series, will be published by SilverWood Books in paperback and as an eBook.