The latest Lincoln book is here!!

Oct 27, 2023 | Blog, Books, Publications, publishing, Writing

The fifth book in my crime series featuring Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln will be published on November 5th. Hunting Raven Bookshop in Frome is hosting the launch on November 10th – which is also close to the seventh birthday of Silver Crow Books, the editorial initiative of Frome Writers’ Collective. 

I’ve also been invited to Salisbury Writers’ Circle next month – to which I’m really looking forward, especially since the city was the original inspiration for the series, even though I’ve played around with the topography and the street names quite a bit. Just wondering if Salisbury Writers will forgive me for that bit of artistic licence!

The book opens with piano teacher Jill Fortune wondering where her pupil has got to, and deciding to set off to see her friend Ramsay Keiller when the pupil fails to turn up – a decision that doesn’t end well for her or Ramsay. 

‘A Strange and Murderous Air’ is published by SilverWood Books and is available from Amazon as a paperback or an eBook. The paperback is also available from Winstone’s Hunting Raven Bookshop, Cheap Street, Frome, and the History Bookshop, Fisherton Mill, Salisbury.