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The website of Nikki Copleston, creator of the DI Jeff Lincoln crime novels set in Wiltshire.


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The series in order: The Price of Silence, A Saintly Grave Disturbed, The Shame of Innocence, The Promise of Salvation, and A Strange and Murderous Air.


A woman is dead and a man is missing. What’s the connection with the death of a schoolboy in 1978?

A Saintly Grave Disturbed

An archaeological dig at Barbury Abbey unearths more than a medieval skeleton when an excavation turns deadly.

The Shame of Innocence

Two teenage girls are found dead and a third girl goes missing. Who can Lincoln trust when even his colleagues are corrupt?

The Promise of Salvation

A grim discovery in Greywood Forest sets off a chain of events leading to murder — and a grieving mother takes the law into her own hands.

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