Stop making excuses and get writing!

I knew it was time to sort out my room when I couldn’t get the door open without sending a pile of box files flying in the process. Once I’d got the door open, I couldn’t see the carpet for stacks of paperwork and photos. Not to mention the heap of writing magazines I’d been meaning to go through since the New Year.

After an industrious week of sorting and filing, de-cluttering and binning, what did I still need to go through? Those writing magazines.

So, over the last few days, I’ve been skimming through pages of advice on such writerly matters as crafting a short story, avoiding the pitfalls of clichéd characterisation and understanding point of view. If you need tips on keeping fit when most of your waking hours are spent hunched over a keyboard surrounded by cups of coffee and packets of biscuits, (I wish!) then look…

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