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154721_149070175139235_4584430_nThere are heaps of articles about the pain of literary agent rejection. I identify with many of them: been there, done that.

The first traumatic part of the process is the time-consuming business of identifying appropriate agents and preparing the specific submission they want.

Agent One wants a 567 word synopsis (single spaced, Ariel 10 point), the first 3,425 words of your book (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point, margins of 2.53cm), a writing cv (WTF?), and a list of authors to whom you could be compared (this one floors me every time. I’ve told them the genre of the book, isn’t that sufficient? It feels presumptuous to compare myself to a famous author).

Agent Two wants a three-page synopsis (is that double or single spaced? 10 or 12 point? You get so used to detailed specifications, it’s confusing when they’re vague) (And – three whole pages for the synopsis?…

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